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Colour Printers

Epson Colorworks C3500


Print your own labels

With the ColorWorks C3500 (TM-C3500), you can easily customise and print your own colour labels.


Whether it's printing packaging labels with colourful logos and pictures or tickets and ID cards with important barcodes and product information, this printer ensures you can print it all from one machine.


It also helps you conform with GHS international chemical labelling guidelines, as labels can be printed on-demand without using pre-printed templates.



cab xc series

Two print units are arranged one behind the other to achieve simultaneous printing with two colors on one label.
Ribbon-saver mechanism on one print head.
Compliant to the GHS regulations for classification and labeling.
Picking up large label rolls with up to 300 mm diameter

ColorWorks C4000 Compact

On-Demand Color Label Printer with Comprehensive Connectivity and Dynamic Image Quality
The C4000 gloss printer comes with black ink optimized for gloss label media, which works on the widest variety of substrates, compared to the matte black ink.
      • Designed for reliability; engineered for demanding applications
      • Crisp, photo-quality images
      • Easy integration with ZPL II, SAP, major middleware and more
      • Wi-Fi capability1 (optional)
epson c4000e.png

ColorWorks CW-C6000 Series

These label printers offer high-quality, high-resolution, four-colour print output as standard; along with colour matching functionality (ICC profile and spot colour matching tool) for impressive, impactful, on-demand colour labels.
epson pic.png
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